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Tom McCahill

Tom McCahill's Quote

Veteran autombile tester Tom McCahill  tested new cars for many years for Mechanix Illustrated Magazine.  Tom has long since passed away, but his humorous and interesting quotes will forever live on.  "Uncle" Tom tested all makes and models in his career, but his favourite cars  by far were Chrysler products.  I have  included here a few  quotes from several  copies of old Mechanix Illustrated magazines from the 50s and 60s.  We all know our beloved Mopars are the best,  and Uncle Tom thought so too.                       


Read on and enjoy these quotes by Tom :

On the 1960 Valiant:
"When equipped with the power pack, they are the hottest cars in the world for under $2500.00.........Gets my vote as the best buy of the three new compacts,  and the one I'd most like to own. "

On the 1962 Plymouth:
" It was raining like tears in a onion cannery when I did my test.......I don't know of a car in its class that can top Plymouth.  It offers the best roadability in its class, and this, tied up with good brakes makes it just about the safest.  .........the slightly teutonic looks of the Valiant, enlarged (on the 62 Plymouth) stand out  like a hip flask in a bikini."

On early 30's Classic Imperials:
"These long-hooded brutes had more sex-appeal than a boatload of starlets anchored off Alcatraz."

On the 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix:
"When equipped with the optional D-500 engine, displacing 383 cubic inches with 2  four barrel carburetors, it should be able to chew around a race course with enough stuff to turn the humidity into steam.......... (and) make a helluva ridge-runner for the moonshine boys."

On the 1959 Dodge:
"The front end is as new as next February's cold."

On the 1959 Plymouth:
"Plymouth for 1959 is the best car of the low priced three  in our bald-headed opinion, and we've tested all of them."

On the 1959 Imperial:
"This doll was as loaded as an opium peddler during a tong war........Swivel seats make it as easy to get into as a floating crap game with fresh money..........On the 31 degree banked turns the big Imp  hung in there like oil going through a hose......The finest car built in America, and I've been testing cars for a long time."

On Chrysler's famed torsion bar front suspension:
"Chrysler's torsion bar suspension is SO far superior to anything else being made in this country that the contest isn't even close."

On Chrysler's re-designed torqueflite transmission for 1962:
"features an oil filter to comb out the rocks and dog hair."

On the 1966 Dodge Coronet Hemi:
"With no exception, the blockbuster Hemi 426 is the hairiest full size stock production car ever tested for these pages.....  This family sized rig has all the belt of a 2 mile swim in a whiskey vat...... When you put your foot through the firewall make sure your teeth are well anchored.......It is as furry as a mink farm and as snarly as a bengal tiger in a butcher shop."

On the 1956 Chrysler Windsor:
"The most car for the dough -  for looks, performance, comfort and price."

On the 1957 Imperial:
"The most spectacular looking new car to date..... will get down the pike like a  vaselined arrow, and with no more effort than skipping off a cliff."

On the 1962 Chrysler 300:
"I had the car for over a month, and had as many adventures with it as a Siberian trapper would have in Miami Beach. ......The new 300 is the old Windsor, sexed up  and poured into a sport suit.....When you slide behind the wheel you get the feeling that this is a big compact, and not an oversized barge as awkward to handle as wearing moose antlers in a telephone booth..... A functional car that gives top performance with lots of room for beaucoup stuff, which might include wine, weazels or women...... In summing up, the (1962) Chrysler 300  is the best value in the medium priced field that I have driven in several years."


Uncle Tom Also had a few things to say about Ford and GM....

On the 1959 T-bird:
"It went over like a keg of brandy in a prison camp.....(but)......rolls like the Queen Mary in a  full gale."

On the 1959 Chevy Impala:
"The rear deck treatment is pure Louis Armstrong: gone, man, gone!"