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Tom McCahill

FUEL Legislation NAACC ( National Assoc. of Automobile Clubs of Canada ) #62 Update, re ETHANOL addative in gasoline

April 1, 2007

As ethanol use becomes more widespread, old-car enthusiasts will have to modify their cars to protect against the fuel's corrosive qualities.

The NAAACC thanks David B. Traver  for providing us with this information.


Many old-car owners are getting worried about the effects of ethanol on their gaskets, hoses, seals and lines as they weren't designed to be exposed to anything other than gasoline, and some materials, at least, can be weakened by it.
US Federal legislation is on the way that will mandate the presence of ethanol in all gasoline. An amendment to the Clean Air Act, H.R.349 or the “10 by 10 Act,” will require that “After December 31, 2009, it shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale, supply, or offer for supply, dispense, transport, or introduce into commerce, for use in any motor vehicle (as defined in section 216(2)) any gasoline containing less than 10 percent renewable fuel by volume.”

Rep. Rep John Kline of the Minnesota 2nd introduced H.R.349 in January, and it’s under consideration by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Thankfully, Rep. Kline had us in mind when he wrote the bill: “Such rules shall also provide an exemption from the requirements of this subsection in the case of gasoline for use in collector motor vehicles.” That doesn't mean it will be easy to find, but it's a start. We foresee a time when major clubs will have to arrange for their own gas supplies.
- By David B. Traver  Adolphus


If you are worried about the effects of Ethanol on your vintage car's fuel system,  and SO you should be,  there are still stations that sell Ethanol Free Gasoline. 

All Federated CO-Op Stations on Vancouver Island sell 91 Octane Ethanol Free gasoline.

All Chevron 94 Octane gasoline sold in BC is Ethanol free.  For a complete list of Ethanol Free Stations in Canada and the USA go to  http://pure-gas.org/



National Association of  Automobile Clubs of Canada

NAAACCC suggests that that when you rebuild or re-condition your fuel tanks that they are prepped with an internal alcohol resistant coating.

The 3 M product EC 776 tank sloshing material should not be used in any fuel tank.

The NAACC is monitoring this movement in Canada